Welcome to the Association 


Vélocypède's mission is to enable everyone to live in harmony with nature, and healthier through the principles of practicing various natural regular activities adapted to all.  

These are developed by its organiser's by, allowing participants to discover and respect the importance of well-being, to improve one’s health. 

The objective of the association is to teach participants and members:

Various methods and benefits of Hygienism for the body.

Hygienism is inherently a way to recover excellent health by respecting the principles of true human diet, harmonized by a balance between activity and rest. 

Diet or fasting is an extraordinary natural means of controlling and eliminating general health problems in one’s life. 

It does not replace the medical model of therapy but there is a preventive act to revitalize and stay fit. 

Young people laughing

During the programme or during the various individual sessions, we propose:


Bring your bike and your walking boots, warm clothes suitable for the season if you are  motivated by these arguments ... and especially do not forget your good humour!  

We will try to make your stay of revitalization and detoxification in the centre “Nature et Vie” Ploemeur in Morbihan, a pleasant and fun one, while improving your health.

We also accommodate individual sessions if you wish, in the Centre des Arts du Bien-être in Saint-Brieuc, to set up your personalized tracking programme, in person or virtually through the medium of multimedia, email, phone or video calls.

We also invite those who want to improve their understanding of what Hygienism really is, to attend our conferences and to visit our stand during the various Bio living exhibitions in Brittany. 

In general, we advocate the introduction to the lifestyle of Hygienism to preserve your vitality as long as possible in life without any worry of austerity. 


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